# OSCO/Linear HSLG Recommended Replacement Parts Stock/Kit (Apex)

# OSCO/Linear HSLG Recommended Replacement Parts Stock/Kit (Apex)

  • Manufacturer: Linear - OSCO
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  • $635.85
  • Save $112

This combo kit is for HSLG operators manufactured after 2010(Blue Apex Controller Versions)

Included in this kit are the recommended replacement parts to keep on hand for your Linear OSCO HSLG any voltage or Phase. 

Combo Kit includes

(1) 2500-2393 Apex Controller (please note if you have a newer Apex II) (Three Phase Operators will need to transfer the 3P Motor Board over to new Apex)

(1) 2100-765 Pulley Shaft

(1) 2100-1008 Clutch Shaft

(2) 2100-564 Clutch Face/Disk

(2) 2500-764 Limit Switch

(2) 2200-030 Limit Nut/Cam

(1) 2300-716 Stop Reset Button Cover 

(2) 2200-234 V Belt

(2) 2110-700 Idler Assembly

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