2500-1945  Control Board -  Mainboard Only

2500-1945 Control Board - Mainboard Only

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Control Board for OSCO Gate Operators

Please note 2500-1945 is a generic part# for the board without the chip, We ship 2500-1945s with the Slide gate and Swing gate chip. If you are replacing a board on a BGU or a Variable Speed unit please specify on your order and we will get you the correct chip with your 2500-1945.

SL/SW# 2510-268

BGU# 2510-270

VS# 2510-268-VS


This board will replace the control board in OSCO Single Phase Gate Operators.
Only includes Mainboard - Motorboard NOT included

It may be necessary to install the chip from your existing control board into the new board.

***There are no returns on opened OSCO control boards***

We have 15 years experience working on these products in the field. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance!

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