AAS PhoneLink Wired Telephone Entry System

AAS PhoneLink Wired Telephone Entry System

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AAS PhoneLink Wired Telephone Entry System

The all new AAS PhoneLink telephone entry system is a "No Phone Line" residential telephone entry system, allowing you to use your existing telephone line without creating an addition to the phone bill. This unit is constructed with a heavy gauge powder coated enclosure and stainless steel faceplate and is designed to be post or surface mounted.

The PhoneLink system allows the user to conveniently screen entrants from the security of the house. When a guest presses the call button, a double ring alerts the user inside the home that someone is at the gate. Access is allowed by simply pressing * * on the telephone for a momentary relay operation, or * # to latch the gate open. The gate can be called and latched open without a guest being present at the gate.

This system also features a "one-shot" code, which enables the user to safely give out a code for one time use only.


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