AAS Standalone Touch Plate Post Mount Card Reader

AAS Standalone Touch Plate Post Mount Card Reader

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AAS Standalone Touch Plate Post Mount Card Reader

The AAS line of StandAlone Touch Plate card readers combine the latest in
touch plate technology with the option of PC or non-PC programming. The post mount reader features a high grade stainless steel faceplate with a heavy metal, powder coated enclosure, while surface mount readers are constructed of durable Lexan material for years of trouble free entry.

There are two models of StandAlone Touch Plate to choose from: the 11-3500 which has no PC programming, audit trail or remote slave capability, or the 11-65000, which features all three of these options. Both models are stand alone units, which mean they don't require an additional controller.

* Programmable Latch Card

* Programmable Sleep Card

* Timed Anti Pass-back

* 3 strikes you're out

* Non-volatile memory

* 15 Time Zones / 32 Holidays (11-65000 only)

* 5,000 memory transaction buffer (11-65000 only)

* 500 Limited use cards (11-65000 only)

* 3 Auxiliary Inputs: user defined (11-65000 only)

* Automatic Daylight Savings Time (11-65000 only)

* Modem / Network compatible (11-65000 only)


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Click Here for Model 11-65000 Instructions

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