ASO Edges ASO 95.20 AT 4' 4' EDGE FOR 2" SQUARE 10 K

ASO Edges ASO 95.20 AT 4' 4' EDGE FOR 2" SQUARE 10 K

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ASO Edges ASO 95.20 AT 4' 4' EDGE FOR 2" SQUARE 10 K

SENTIR edge safety edges can be used on automated gates of all kinds. For application on gates, we offer pre-assembled safety edges as well as safety edges for self-assembly. Our innovative Plug`N`Sense system makes it possible for you to fit safety edges perfectly yourself on site on a cost-effective and flexible basis.

Our pre-assembled SENTIR wrap-around edges are available in two different versions. Available for 2-inch round posts and 2-inch square post. In this particular safety edge version, a retainer can be dispensed with altogether. This ensures fast and safe assembly.

This item typically ships in a 1-4 days

UL 325 recognized
Ideal protection for all types of gates: sliding gates, swing gates, vertical pivot gates, crash test gates and barriers
Extremely long service life due to weather-resistant thermoplastic elastomers
Secure support and new design options by clipping the mounting base into the mounting profile

In combination with ELMON safety relays the SENTIR edge safety edges offer a seamless transmission of all information and thus maximum security for your gate system.

SENTIR edge 95.20 AT

For angular 2 inch posts

Article number

W 3.8" x H 2.8"

Max. delivery length
On request

UL 325 Weight lb/ft.

On request

Operating temperature


Max. series connection

5 safety edges

Electrical circuitry

24 V 10 mA

Characteristics for test temperature +68°F

Actuating force 10.57 lbf.*

* tested according to UL 325 "NORMAL OPERATION TEST"

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