BFT WIFI-BFT-NKP-E EURO WIFI II Video Intercom w/no keypad

BFT WIFI-BFT-NKP-E EURO WIFI II Video Intercom w/no keypad

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WIFI II Video Intercom w/no keypad

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Open the Gate from your car with your cellular phone for FREE BFT Cell box KP Identifies an authorized number like any caller ID and opens the gate as a remote control ( Transmitter ) Program up to 1000 authorized numbers from your PC or remotely by SMS messages from your Cellphone. Receive a call on your cell and open the gate from any where in the world. The BFT KP or the NKP Cell Phone Gate Opener is the ultimate Cellular remote gate opener. It's so efficient, secure and convenient that it is like having your very own security guard at the gate. BFT Cell box replaces RF ID or wireless gate controllers that are often frustrating with lost RF ID tags, short battery life on remote controls and new visitors or employees who have not yet been provided their access. Use cell phones and regular phones in place of RF ID tags or wireless remote controllers to open gates, barriers, garage doors, loading dock doors and more. In this day and age, the one thing we always carry is our cell phone. The Cell Phone Gate Opener will work with virtually all motorized gates and barriers. And best of all, calls to the Cell Phone Gate Opener are Free if use as a remote control the only cost is when communication is establish. And here is why calls are free: When the Cell Phone Gate Opener Receives a call, it will check the calling number and compare it to the previously programmed numbers. If the number is identified as authorized (programmed), the Cell Phone Gate Opener will register the number without accepting the call and then open the gate. This feature makes this call FREE.  It stores up to 1000 authorized telephone numbers. Authorized users can dial the gate cellular number and the Cell Phone Gate Opener   will open the gate, barrier, door or shutter. The Cell Phone Gate Opener is also a Telephone Entry System, a visitor can press the call button and a call is directed to the pre-program phone it can Call forward  up to phone numbers in predetermined sequence  . The BFT Cell box KP or NKP operates on a GSM cellular network such as AT&T or T-Mobile. Get a SIM 2G card, pre-paid or part of your Cellular plan if you are a subscriber of these companies, insert the SIM card into the unit, and follow the setup procedure enclosed with the unit.
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