EMX D-TEK ULTRA Plug in Style Vehicle Loop Detector

EMX D-TEK ULTRA Plug in Style Vehicle Loop Detector

  • Manufacturer: EMX
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  • $100.00

Plug in Style Vehicle Loop Detector for Elite's OmniControl Boards and Viking Loop Detector Racks

The Ultra D-TEK was designed to be plug-in compatible with Elite’s OmniControl™ board operators such as the SL3000 and CSW200. The Ultra D-TEK is now compatible with the Viking Loop Detector Rack.

The Ultra D-TEK is a cost effective, reliable and easy to set up vehicle detection solution that may be used in the Center, Safety and Exit slots on the operator control board.

Sensitivity selection is simplified by the ULTRAMETER™ display that indicates the appropriate sensitivity setting to detect the vehicle positioned on the loop.

The 10 sensitivity settings allow for finer adjustment of the detection level, while the 4 frequency settings provide greater flexibility in preventing crosstalk in multi-loop applications.

* ULTRAMETER™ (displays optimum sensitivity setting / crosstalk interference)

* Frequency count/reset switch

* 10 sensitivity settings

* Loop diagnostics

* 4 operating frequencies

* Lightning and surge protection

* Loop fail output

* Frequency counter

* ASB (Automatic Sensitivity Boost)

* Filter


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