EMX DTEK LM (Chamberlain/Liftmaster) Loop Detector

EMX DTEK LM (Chamberlain/Liftmaster) Loop Detector

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D-TEK-LM : Board Type Vehicle Loop Detector

The D-TEK-LM™ is a full fledged plug-in detector that works with many of the Chamberlain operators, like 670, 575, 585 & 595 models. It is a replacement for the Manufacturer original Vehicle Detectors.

The D-TEK-LM ™ may also be used in any location protected from the weather to detect vehicles for annunciation, triggering cameras, lighting, etc. where 24 Volt AC power is provided. Wiring hookup is simplified using the HAR-7 wiring harness.

Benefits include:

* Easy to install

* Automatic Sensitivity Boost

* Filter prevents cross-trafficor RF interference

* Isolation transformer allows operation with poor quality loops

* Loop Isolation Transformer

* Loop Conditioner

* Surge Protection

* Loop Frequency Counter

* 10 Gold Plated Sensitivity Controls

* 8 Gold Plated Function Controls

* 6 Gold Plated Controls for Frequency, Reset & Frequency Counter

* Two High Intensity LED Indicators


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