EMX Hawk-2 Automatic Door Sensor

EMX Hawk-2 Automatic Door Sensor

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EMX Hawk 2 Sensor

The HAWK 2 Automatic Door Sensor detects the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, and activates all types of fast and industrial gates. Utilizing the latest K-band planar microwave technology, the Automatic Door Sensor provides wide coverage and high resolution.

The Automatic Door Sensor offers three programmable motion detection options: toward, away or both. It is easy to overhead, on either a wall or the ceiling. A versatile mechanical orientation system provides accurate positioning.

Benefits include:

Wide coverage area
Sharp, adjustable detection field
Directional settings
Easy to install

Features - HAWK 2

Advanced K-band planar microwave technology
Easy installation and adjustment
Wall or ceiling installation
Directional sensitivity: toward, away or both
High coverage area resolution
Installation height up to 6 meters (20 feet)
Degree of protection: IP 65


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