HySecurity MX2914-01 HyCharger DC 240vac

HySecurity MX2914-01 HyCharger DC 240vac

  • Manufacturer: HySecurity
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  • $2,385.00

Battery Charger, HyCharger DC, 240VAC, 27.25" Leads

HydraLift, SlideDriver, StrongArm, SwingRiser

Replaces Older DC Chargers

SMART – Smart charge system uses high efficiency
switching technology that optimizes battery conditioning,
storage capacity and battery life.

POWERFUL – Supplies 50A of 24VDC power on
continuous basis to both motor drive circuit or charger
circuit. Burst mode supplies additional energy to gate
operator, when needed.

FAST RECHARGE - After AC power is restored, batteries
are completely recharged in as little as 2 hours (12 hours
when operating a high-traffic gate).

ADAPTABLE - Easy replacement of existing, older DC
chargers in HySecurity DC Supply Cabinets. If you are
interested in replacing an older DC charger, contact
us for replacement parts: MX2890-01 HyCharger
DC 208/230V or MX2890-02 HyCharger DC 115V

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