Miller Edge MGL-RX20 MGL Receiver *Discontinued*

Miller Edge MGL-RX20 MGL Receiver *Discontinued*

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***The MGL series is recently discontinued and replaced by the RBAND Monitored Wireless Gate Kit.  These systems are not interchangeable, all replacement MGL equipment must replace all their transmitters and receivers.***

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We are leaving the MGL products up for a few months to notify everyone of the change. If you need replacements you need to order the RBAND series and replace all your transmitters and receivers with RBAND. Your existing edges should still work fine.

Receives a wireless transmission from
up to two MGL-TX20 monitored Sensing Edge transmitters eliminating the
need for hard-wired coil cords or retractable reels.

Provides 10K, N.C and pulsed monitored outputs allowing for compatibility with nearly all brands of 2016 UL325 gate operators.

Monitored Gate Link (MGL) detects the presence and functionof a monitored Sensing Edge and transmits a wirelessmonitored signal to operator controls. The receiver featuresLED indicators and is compatible with with up to twotransmitters; for leading and trailing edges, for example. MGLprovides 10K, N.C., and pulsed monitored outputs for bothchannels, making it compatible with nearly all 2016 UL 325gate operators.The MGL transmitter is built to endure rugged outdoorenvironments and is powered by standard AA lithiumbatteries. On-board diagnostics ease installation and providelow battery notification.

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