Miller Edge PH-T-1 Invisi-Guard Thru-Beam Photo Eye

Miller Edge PH-T-1 Invisi-Guard Thru-Beam Photo Eye

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Invisi-Guard Thru-Beam Photo Eye

Invisi-Guard™ thru-beam photoelectric sensor is intended to detect the presence of an obstacle when the infrared light beam is interrupted.

Suggested applications include motorized doors and gates where an interruption would signal the motor to reverse; toll booths and parking lots where an interruption would cause a signal to change.

The system includes two independently housed units: a battery powered infrared emitter and a receiver that wires directly to your controls.

The battery powered emitter saves time and money by eliminating the need to saw concrete or run wire across the opening. The built-in audible low battery alarm alerts users when it is time to replace batteries.


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