Reno A&E LF-300 Loop Finder

Reno A&E LF-300 Loop Finder

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Reno A&E LF-300 Loop Finder

The Loop Finder is a useful tool for locating active loops and identifying loop wire locations. LP-300 Loop Phasing Coils are used to test phasing (electrical rotation) of two or more loops connected to the same detector channel while the detector is operating.

* Locates buried and hidden roadway loops

* An LED bar graph & ear phones provide field strength indication

* No set-up required

* LP-300 loop phasing coils are designed for use with the Loop Finder control unit

* Battery check LEDs (green and red) indicate battery voltage status

* Front panel sensitivity & volume adjustments help locate loop field and pinpoint loop wires

* Null feature identifies loop wire location

* Phasing coils are placed on roadway surface with a phasing coil in each loop

**The red LP-300 Phasing Coils are not include, they can be purchased seperately**


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