Reno A&E LP-300 Loop Phasing Coil

Reno A&E LP-300 Loop Phasing Coil

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Reno A&E LP-300 Loop Phasing Coil

The LP-300 Loop Phasing Coils consist of two, one
foot diameter loops connected together with 25 feet
of cable. The loops connect to the control unit via a
six foot cable terminated with a four pin telephone
headset connector. The LP-300 is a diagnostic tool
that is used to determine the phasing of series or
parallel connected inductive loops.
When the loop phasing coils are placed over two
active loops and connected to the control unit, a null
indication on the control unit bargraph display
indicates loops are connected in opposite rotation. A
large deflection indicates loops are connected in the
same rotation.

* LP-300 loop phasing coils are designed for use with the Loop Finder control unit

* Phasing coils are placed on roadway surface with a phasing coil in each loop

**The LF-300 Loop Finder and control unit are not included, They can purchased seperately**


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