Sawcut Loop 6' X 14' or 4' X 16'

Sawcut Loop 6' X 14' or 4' X 16'

  • Manufacturer: BD Loops
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  • $130.00

6' X 14' or 4' X 16' Preformed 3/16" Saw-Cut Loops with 16 AWG

*For installation in asphalt or concrete 3/16 saw-cut grove

*16 AWG loop wire design for superior performance.

*Pre tested 3 ways with meg-ohm meter, inductance meter and live detector

*Optional Installation kit includes: Template block set, caulk string, pizza wheel, wedge tool, soap stone marker, custom tool bag.

*EZ installation instructions

*Built in backer rod and 3rd level of insulation to protect against failure.

*Pre-phased and color coded at factory for EZ hook-up

*No need to make 2nd saw-cut for lead-in. Lead-in and loop jacket same size.



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