US Traffic/Peek 326 Loop Detector

US Traffic/Peek 326 Loop Detector

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326 Single Channel Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector

Please Select Voltage and Failsafe/Failsecure Below

Features & Benefits

• Compatible with all radio control and remote

• Features latest state-of-the-art surface
mount technology.

• Sensitivity Boost, selectable by setting an
external DIP switch, eliminates possible
detector dropout during passage of
high bed vehicles - this feature is
particularly useful in sliding gate

• External rotary switch for 10
selectable sensitivity levels.

• Two color LED status indicator for Detect,
Power, and Loop Fault indication.

• Self-tuning & complete environmental

• No warm-up required.

• Continuous Winky-Blink™ loop monitor which
remembers and indicates intermittent and
failed loops - a great troubleshooting aid.

• If intermittent or failed loops self-heal, the
detector will resume normal operation without
manually resetting the detector.

• Four front panel selectable loop frequencies
permit elimination of crosstalk.

• Large loop inductance range: 20 to 2000
microhenries, allowing operation with a wide
range of loops.

• 11-pin Amphenol rear connector.

• Two separate output relays:
- Output A is presence output
- Output B, programmable with external DIP
switches, provides presence, pulse on entry,
pulse on exit, or fail output

• An infinite presence mode is available by
setting an external DIP switch.

• Both outputs can be delayed for 2 seconds,
by setting an external DIP switch, causing the
detector to ignore vehicles passing over the
loop faster than about 5 miles per hour.

• Both outputs can be extended for 0 seconds,
2 seconds, 5 seconds, or 10 seconds,
programmable with external DIP switches.

• Detector will not retune if power is lost for a
minimum of 3 seconds and then restored.
Prevents vehicle detection from being lost
during brief power interruptions.

• ABS plastic case.

• LV Series - Universal Low Voltage Input,
accepts 12V to 24V AC or DC.
Only TWO configurations required: failsafe or
failsecure. Standard models available in 120
VAC or 240 VAC, failsafe and failsecure.

Property Description

Operating temperature -40°F to +180°F (-40°C to +82°C)

Size 1.5” W x 2.7” H x 4.6” D (38 x 68 x
117 mm), excluding switches and

Weight 10.4 oz (295 grams)

Internal circuitry All internal electronic circuitry is
isolated from isolation the loop and
outputs A & B

Case ABS plastic

Response time Approximately 125 milliseconds after
vehicle enters loop

Relay contact ratings 10 A max at 250 VDC max; 8A max
at 300 VAC max; 3 hp at 250 VAC

Self-tuning Automatically tunes itself and is fully
operational within 1 second after
application of power or after being

30 seconds is required before
full presence time is possible

Environmental tracking Completely automatic over the entire
loop inductance range

Loop inductance range 20 to 2000 microhenries with Q
factor of 5 or greater [includes loop(s)
plus feeder (lead-in or home run)
cable up to the connector on the

Loop feeder length Up to 2,500 feet (762 m) maximum
with proper feeder cable and
appropriate loops

Loop input Transformer isolated

All controls are externally accessible

Loop frequency Four switch selectable frequencies
(normally in the range of 20 to 80
kilohertz). Note: Changing loop
frequency switches may make Winky-
Blink™ signal appear. Reset detector


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