How to install the BEA Falcon Sensor

How to install the BEA Falcon Sensor

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How do I set the FALCON to detect vehicles but not people?

Set Detection filter to “3” or higher, walk-test, and then test with a vehicle.


Why does the FALCON still detect people when I have the Rejection filter set to “6”.

The mounting height may be incorrect. The FALCON mounting height range is 11.5 to 23 feet, the FALCON XL mounting height range is 6.5 to 11.5 feet, and the FALCON WIDE mounting height range is 11.5 to 21 feet.


Why does the FALCON no longer detect fork trucks when I set the Detection filter to not detect people?

The mounting location may be incorrect. The FALCON should be mounted directly in the center, above the door.


How long is the cable for the FALCON?

30 feet.


Why are the wire colors of my new FALCON different from my old FALCON?

The wire color changed from European coloring to US coloring. Verify wiring connectivity in the User’s Guide.


What is the power requirement for the FALCON?

12 to 24 VAC ±10%; 12 to 24 VDC +30%/-10%


Why is the door recycling open?

The FALCON is detecting the motion of the door or sensing external vibrations. Tilt the sensor out farther and/or reduce the detection field (Sensitivity).

If the FALCON is mounted to the door’s header, remount it to the wall with an extension bracket, if needed.


Can I adjust the FALCON without the remote control?

Yes. Reference the User’s Guide for manual adjustments.


Will the FALCON detect an object if it stops moving?

No. The FALCON will only detect objects in motion.


Why is the door randomly opening even with nothing or no one in the area?

The FALCON may be detecting environmental interference such as ceiling fans, blowers, or air curtains.

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