All-O-Matic SW-375 DC Heavy Duty Swing Gate Operator

All-O-Matic SW-375 DC Heavy Duty Swing Gate Operator

  • Manufacturer: All O Matic
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  • $6,500.00

The SW-375DC swing gate operator has been around for about three years, it is equipped with a super duty high-strength frame, super duty gearbox, beefed up 24VDC brushless DC motor capable of moving gates up to 5,000 lbs. All combined with the industry leading brushless DC technology (soft start/stop, built in loop rack, integrated battery backup).

UL 325 2018 Compliant
Max Gate Weight 5,000 lbs.
Max Gate Length 30 feet
Warranty 3 year commercial
Motor 36 VDC brushless motor
Gate Speed Adjustable 14-27 seconds per 90° opening
Power Options 115/230/480 VAC single phase
And 36VDC solar panel
Duty Cycle Continuous
Battery Back Up Integrated, with (3) 14Ah 12VDC batteries
Battery Back Up Capacity Up to 300 cycles on a 2,000 lb. gate
Temperature Range -40 to 160°
Gearbox Ratio Large gearbox: 30:1
Small gearbox: 10:1
Width X Length X Height 19” x 31” x 25”
Shipping Weight 435 lbs. + 110 lbs. arm and wrench
Emergency Release 5/8” bolt to remove arm
Belt Size 4L-230 (AX21)
Main Sprocket Size 60A45X5
Chain Size 60NP
Gearbox Sprocket Top: 60B23X1.5
Bottom: 50B18X1.125 and 50B20X7/8
Limit Shaft Sprocket N/A
Breaker Requirement 20 amp dedicated
Gearbox Pulley 5” with 5/8” bore
Motor Pulley 2” with 5/8” bore

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