AAS 12-3152-002 Antenna w/ Check Tag-AA3152UTA

AAS 12-3152-002 Antenna w/ Check Tag-AA3152UTA

  • Manufacturer: AAS
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AAS 12-3152-002

Antenna w/ Check Tag-AA3152UTA

The AA3152 Universal Toll Antenna (UTA) broadcasts and receives radio frequency (RF) signals in the 902 to 928 MHz frequency band.

For installations requiring a relatively symmetrical, three-dimensional reading area, the UTA offers a broadcast pattern of similar size and shape in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The UTA read area is ideal for toll lane applications because the read area has virtually no side or back lobes, helping to confine antenna coverage to a single lane width.

Only 2.25 inches (5.7 centimeters) in depth, the AA3152 antenna is also ideally suited to applications requiring a low-profile antenna. The weatherproof enclosure provides favorable electrical characteristics, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, and maximum corrosion resistance.

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