TransCore 12-3234-004 AA3234 Light Rail Antenna w/o Cable

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AA3234 Light Rail Antenna w/o Cable

The AA3233-004 Heavy Rail Antenna is a rugged 915 MHz antenna specifically designed for the rail industry. The antenna is designed for mounting under a locomotive. The antenna’s optimal performance is achieved when used with a TransCore AT5000-series transportation tag mounted in the railbed. The AA3233-004 operates with a TransCore radio frequency (RF) module.

The AA3233-004 has built-in RF circuitry for checktag antenna-to-reader system performance checks. These system built-in-tests can be directed by the host software using a TransCore compatible reader.

The AA3233-004 has a read pattern that is designed to read an AT5000-series transportation tag at close distances of 45 cm to 90 cm (17.7 in. to 35.4 in.) and at high speeds of 120 km/hr (74.56 mph).

The AA3233-004 can be mounted under the locomotive. Mounting hardware for final installation is not included; it must be supplied by the systems integrator or installer.

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