Click 2 Enter with Heater

Click 2 Enter with Heater

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Click 2 Enter with Heater

Click2Enter does away with all of the cumbersome keys, access control codes, and remote control actuators, because every emergency response vehicle and responder carries the key-their mobile or portable radio transceiver. Click2Enter was developed to provide public safety personnel or any authorized user immediate access to gated residences; communities; or any security control mechanism. Other authorized users can even use the Click2Enter, as long as they are programmed into its frequency bank and have a radio transceiver.

* Heater for cold weather use

* Externally visible power LED & activation LED

* Time/day/agency memory recall

* User-selected PIN for security of programmed frequencies

* Factory override PIN, via software

* Separate device available to perform external test/ operation of Click2Enter-I

* Five year manganese dioxide lithium battery memory backup features

* CTCSS, PL/DPL private line (PL) programming capability

* Auto detect and load of sub-audible private line codes

* Able to receive talk around carriers of trunk line radio system transmissions

* Able to receive radio transmissions to include 800 MHz bands

* 20 channel capacity

* Programmable via RS-232 interface

* Two radio transmission "clicks" for activation

* Able to capture and exhibit activation data log, via software

* Relay or dry contact ready

* Extra set of relay contacts to activate a multitude of devices

* Latch open and close features. Programmable for variables 0 to 60 minute reset delay on each channel (0 = pulse ON only)

* Field programmable using a Windows CE PDA

* Unit enclosed in a NEMA/EEMAC Type 4 fiberglass box, with security screws supplied

* Ability to handle high power mobile transmitters and lower power hand held portable transmitters

* Compatible with most analog or digital radio transmitters, using private line sub-audible transmissions (digital set to "clear mode")

* Proprietary programming software built into each unit

* Computer software programmable using standard terminal emulation software

* Variable activation range via programming

* Mutual aid compatible

* Ability to adapt and use 12 VDC to 24 VDC. Can also use 12 VAC to 24 VAC, however we recommend a plug-in style DC output transformer be used.

* Lightning surge protected (current/surge limiting circuit) rated at 140 VAC and 175 VDC. Surge current rated at 600 amps

* Reflective logo for night identification


We have 15 years experience working on these products in the field. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance!

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