Direct Burial / Paveover Loop EL 52-100 6' X 20'

Direct Burial / Paveover Loop EL 52-100 6' X 20'

  • Manufacturer: BD Loops
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6' X 20' Preformed Direct Burial / Paveover Loop with 14 AWG

*For installation under asphalt, pavers, or in concrete

*14 AWG loop wire design for superior performance.

*Pre tested 3 ways with meg-ohm meter, inductance tester and live detector

*Installation kit includes: cable ties, ground stakes, and loop lead-in labels

*EZ installation guide

*Loop wire meets UL standard 493 for direct burial

*Pre-phased at factory for EZ hook-up


 BD Loops Resource Center
 Literature Sheets
 Loop Size Charts
 Loop Layout Calculator
  • Offset the direct burial loop from the rebar pattern.
  • Always run the lead-in through conduit and glue the joint with a proper PVC solvent cement.
  • Run the lead-in in conduit underneath the rebar in a concrete pour.
  • Remove any ground stakes before burying the loop in a gravel or dirt road.
  • Fully encase the loop in sand when installing under pavers, or in a gravel road. (Show Encased in Sand Image)
  • Residential applications recommend a 4’ short leg of the loop.
  • Commercial application recommend a 6’ short leg of the loop.

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