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DML-9LP, Mini-Loop Kit, 100'


The DML-9LP and our new mini-loop in one package!

Covered by United States patent number US 7,132,959 “Non-Interfering Vehicle Detection”

Results in the opportunity for greatly increased service life due to the reduced exposure to hazards such as road traffic, pavement movement, pavement deterioration, and roadwork.

The fact that the “Mini-Loop” is not installed in the pavement and that the lead-in is very durable allows the “Mini-Loop” to be used in situations such as cobblestone pavements, poor pavements, dirt/gravel roads, and bridge decks.

Minimal intrusion into good pavements!

Installation is straightforward. A 1-in. diameter hole (18-in to 24-in. deep) is drilled for the “Mini Loop”. A shallow, 1/4-in. saw cut from the hole to the edge of the road provides a path for the lead-in wire.
The “Mini-Loop” with lead-in is inserted into the hole and the hole is filled with dry sand. Detector loop sealant material is then used to fill the slot and top portion of the hole.

It is important that the “Mini-Loop” be installed in a vertical position and that the vertical position of the “Mini-Loop” be maintained.
Under some soil conditions, installation can be further simplified by installing the Mini-Loop inside a length of PVC pipe (not steel pipe) with an interior diameter of about 1 inch.
In this case, the hole must be slightly larger than the outside diameter of the PVC pipe, typically 1-5/8-in. or less.
After insertion of the PVC pipe and Mini-Loop, all cavities are back-filled with fine, dry sand and the installation completed in the normal manner.


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