EMX IRB-MON Universal Safety Photo Beam

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Universal Safety Photo Beam IRB-MON - Includes Hoods
UL325-2016 NEMA 4X

The IRB-MON is a monitored, weather-proof, thru-beam infrared photo eye solution providing entrapment protection for doors, gates and barriers. The IRB-MON Safety Photo Beam is UL325 compliant, and housed in a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure. It is designed to meet the upcoming 2016 UL325 regulation.

The universal design of the IRB-MON allows it to be used with operator types that require a frequency (heartbeat) for monitored operation or those that require relay connections. Monitored output is achieved by using the "heartbeat" output from the IRB-MON to assure that the connections to the photo eye are intact and that the photo eye is operational.

Monitored output may also be achieved using the relay contacts, cycling power of the transmitter and verifying the contact closure at the receiver before the actuation of the operator.

Non-monitored output is provided by a set of form C relay contacts.

The IRB-MON addresses a wide variety of external entrapment protection needs due to its long range, thru beam detection technology and selectable frequency
Benefits include:

Easy installation and set-up.
Robust: suitable for high-reliability entrapment protection applications.
Lens-less design minimizes fogging and false triggering and provides easy alignment.
Long operating range.

Type B1, non-contact sensor
UL325-2016 compliant
Lens-less design
Simple 2-wire connection
Relay contacts available
NEMA 4X enclosure
Selectable frequency modes
Operating Range: up to 115 ft. (35m)
Detection Angle: 24°
Sensitivity adjustment: potentiometer

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