EMX PC-3 Infrared Modulated

EMX PC-3 Infrared Modulated

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EMX PC-3 Infrared Modulated

In conjunction with the automatic operator, the PC-3 is used as a safety device for garage doors and rolling doors.

When the infrared beam is interrupted, the relay common and normally open contacts in the receiver are closed. The LED indicator is lit when the PC-3 receiver is not aligned or when the beam is interrupted.

Benefits include:

* Easy installation

* Reliable

* Calibration not required

* Reliable

* Cost effective

* Works with any control board that accepts dry contact in the safety input

* Supervised relay output provides an "open" signal in case of power failure

* Non-reflective through-beam system is not affected by shiny surfaces

* Modulated infrared beam not affected by sunlight, rain, dust or dirt

* Wide detection angle: 24 degrees

* Indoor or outdoor operation of 30 feet


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