Hysecurity MX002599 Xtreme Drive Track-Rack Section 25"

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HySecurity SlideDriver Xtreme Drive Rail Section 25"

Handle exceptionally difficult to move, large, heavy or stiff* gates with the XtremeDrive rack and drive wheel system.  XtremeDrive powerfully moves the heaviest gates in the most unique situations and challenging weather conditions. 

The XtremeDrive Rack and Wheel system is made from a high-tech engineered polymer,
requires no lubrication (unlike chain driven systems) and is virtually indestructible

Heavy gates operate more reliably in severe weather including conditions where excessive ice, snow, blowing salt, sand and dust build up on the drive rail.

Provides maximum pull force and traction for exceptionally hard to move gates.*

Cogged lower wheel engages a matching cogged rack and increases traction the entire length of drive rail under the worst conditions.

Easy retrofit. Replace smooth bottom wheel with XtremeDrive wheel and add rack to existing drive rail. XtremeDrive wheel fits standard SlideDriver wheel mounts.



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