Hysecurity MX4125/ MX4621 HY-5B Loop Detector

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  MX4621 New part# same detector

HySecurity’s simple and reliable vehicle detector

This industry leading vehicle detector easily plugs into the Smart Touch or Smart DC controllers and usually requires no adjustment, whatsoever, during setup.


  • Take the guesswork out of setting sensitivity. Let the detector set the optimum sensitivity for each loop.
  • Add a powerful new tool to your installation. The Hy5B scores loops three different ways, assuring a reliable installation.
  • Count vehicles. Used with a HyNet™ gateway, Hy5B provides real time data on gate usage, including tailgaters.
  • Go solar. Low power consumption extends the life of batteries.
  • End crosstalk. Let your HySecurity gate manage the detectors and eliminate the possibility of crosstalk.
  • See weak signals better. Ignores the signal of the moving gate to see weak signals from trucks or motorcycles.

Hy5B™ Applications

Parking: A vehicle count function is integrated into the detector, providing a means to audit gate usage and minimize fraud. Add the Hynet gateway to receive data in real time.

Swing and Slide Gate Automation: The Hy5B is perfect for use with any HySecurity gate operator for all applications such as obstruction loops or free exit loops. The improved sensitivity algorithms are effective in reducing gate strike accidents.

Solar: Hy5B is power efficient, drawing only 35mW of power.

Easy to retrofit
The Hy5B is backwards compatible with all Smart DC and Smart Touch controllers. For existing sites where a loop is being added or a detector has failed, the Hy5B will emulate an Hy5A with no software update. Or, load a new version of firmware to access all the capabilities of Hy5B.

For all features of Hy5B, Smart DC software must be at least version 5.55 or higher. Smart Touch software must be version 4.54 or higher.




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