Linear Delta 3 DTG Safety Edge Transmitter

Linear Delta 3 DTG Safety Edge Transmitter

  • Manufacturer: Linear Delta 3
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  • $90.18

DTG: Safety Edge Transmitter

The Model DTG Safety Edge Transmitter is compatible with all of Delta-3 products. In a typical installation, the DTG is mounted on a motorized gate, door or barrier arm and wired to a standard exterior safety edge sensor which presents a closed circuit across the connecting wires when an object is hit during the closing of a gate.

* Safety edge transmitter

* Activates one Delta-3 receiver for remote stop or reverse safety edge

* No cables or coiled wires

* Mounting screws (4) supplied

* Power: 9 V battery

* Frequency: 310 MHz

* Codes: 256 (set by dip switches)

* Dimensions: 4 x 4.28 x 2.22 inches

* Order number: DNT00072


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