HySecurity MX002176 Variable Frequency Drive Unit (VFD), 208-230VAC, 50VF2-EFO ***New Part #MX4210***

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Variable frequency drive unit (VFD), 208-230VAC, SlideDriver 50VF2-EFO (X2EFO) (Pre January 2012)

  ***New Part #MX4210 - Please read notes below***

The new VFD is not an exact replacement for the older models, but will physically mount in place of the old one. The software in the Smart Touch Controller must be updated to h4.55 or later in order to function with the new VFD. Please be aware that once this software is loaded, the Speed Setting (SP) must be changed to 2 or 3 depending on whether the installation is 2FPS or 3FPS or the operator will not work. Also, a 2FPS unit cannot be changed to 3FPS without additional limit ramps. Contact Tech Support for more information.


When replacing an older VFD it will be necessary to further strip back the jacket on the cable from the Smart Touch Controller to the VFD in order to allow the RS-485 connector to reach.


If you are replacing a VFD in a SlideDriver built before January 2012, you must replace the harness between the Smart Touch Controller and the VFD in addition to updating the software. In addition to the new VFD, you will need part number MX002413 Harness, VFD MODBUS, 22”.



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