Northstar NP2 Loop Detector 12-24v ac/dc

Northstar NP2 Loop Detector 12-24v ac/dc

  • Manufacturer: Northstar Controls, LLC
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Single Channel-Dual Relay Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector

Model NP2 Features:

·10 selectable Sensitivities

·4 selectable Frequencies

·Wrong voltage protection

·Output Timing – Extend & Delay

·Selectable Presence times

·Selectable Pulse lengths

·Automatic Sensitivity Boost

·Separate Power, Detect and Fault Indicators

·Available in: 240VAC, 120VAC, 24VAC, 24VDC, 12VDC

**240VAC detectors are made to order causing a delay before being shipped**

The NP2 inductive loop detector has been specifically designed and engineered for use in the Parking & Access Control industries. With standard operations including programmable pulse and presence options, fail-safe or fail-secure operation, compatibility with all radio controls, timing features and more, the NP2 covers your detection needs.

This loop detector's wide inductance range allows for use with small loops sometimes found in the Parking/Access Control industries (for recommended loop sizes please consult the LIS Reference Section).

Separate indicators for power on, detect relay 1, detect relay 2 and fault, provide for quick visual verification of proper operation. Loop diagnostics are easily viewed with the front panel fault indicator, differentiating between current and historical faults thus facilitating troubleshooting.

Small size and full list of features lend the NP2 to any Parking or Access Control use from simple presence detection to configured pulse/presence lengths with output extensions and/or delays.

Reliable operation and long field life are key engineering goals in every NorthStar product.


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