RFID ID-HMT-L3SP Transponder, External Headlamp

RFID ID-HMT-L3SP Transponder, External Headlamp

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Transponder, External Headlamp

The 3M™ Non-Transferrable Headlamp Mount Tag is a high performance radio frequency (RF) transponder designed to be used in conjunction with 3M’s reader systems for automatic vehicle identification applications.

Developed for use directly on a motorcycle or vehicle headlamp, each transponder is capable of read/write functionality, contains a unique identification code, and is powered by utilizing energy from the reader, eliminating the requirement for a battery. The Headlamp transponder has a compact form factor and offers unique components and construction providing removal security.

The tag and reader solution is ideally suited for a number of global transportation applications including Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), vehicle emissions testing, proof of insurance compliance, electronic tolling and Parking & Access Control (PACS). By eliminating the manual, visual-based inspection associated with current systems the 3M solution enables system operators to securely identify vehicles with appropriate authorizations from a distance, while the vehicle is in motion

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