Seco Larm E-9643-4B190Q Sensor Beam-4 pairs of beams-190' range

Seco Larm E-9643-4B190Q Sensor Beam-4 pairs of beams-190' range

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Seco Larm E-9643-4B190Q

Sensor Beam-4 pairs of beams-190' range

NO or NC alarm output, adjustable interruption time, 1 Amp relay output, four frequencies.

We have 15 years of experience working on these products in the field. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance!

ENFORCER Long-Range Barrier Sensors are ideal for protecting indoor or outdoor areas separated by long distances. They feature reliable photobeam technology with a choice of four programmable beam frequencies that provide superior perimeter protection by eliminating crosstalk and interference when multiple units are used. False alarms caused by animals, falling leaves, poor weather, or other sources are minimized by programming the alarm output  trigger operation.

ENFORCER Long-Range Barrier Sensors work in even the most extreme conditions. A built-in heater automatically turns on and off depending on the outside temperature. An environmental control system senses a slow degradation in beam strength when weather conditions worsen to help prevent  false alarms.

Installation and alignment is quick and easy with the ENFORCER Long-Range Barrier Sensors. They come with swiveling heads that allow them to be mounted along the same wall or on opposite walls, as well as provide for easy alignment of the beams between the transmitter  and receiver.

  • For indoor or outdoor perimeter security
  • Long sensor range up to 190ft (60m) outdoors, 380ft (120m) indoors
  • Install on windows, doorways, skylights, fence tops, and any place where space is limited
  • End caps swivel so sensor can be mounted on a single wall or on opposite walls with no L-bracket needed
  • Programmable immediate trigger on simultaneous breaking of beams, or trigger after a single pair of beams is broken for at least 2 seconds
  • Heater for use in cold weather operation
  • Heater activates at 41ºF (5ºC)
  • Terminal block wiring
  • Slim design: 2-1/4" x 1-7/8" (55 x 49 mm)
  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Built-in tamper switches, one on either end, trigger the alarm if end cap is removed
  • No synchronizing wires required to align the beams
  • Form C relay output
  • LED and buzzer alignment indicators
  • AGC (Auto Gain Control) circuits regulate beam signals in order to compensate for and ensure operation in rain, fog, and low-temperature conditions
  • Programmable for 4 different frequencies to reduce interference between multiple units

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