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Siren Operated Sensor SOS

Fire/Police/EMS/911 responders open gates with Siren's "Yelp" in 2.5 seconds (all sirens in 4.5)

The SOS will open gates to emergency vehicles with the yelp signal. It has a convenient sensitivity feature that allows you to change the sensitivity based on the distance on the gate to the road. So that a emergency vehicle driving down the road doesn't accidentally open the gate. This emergency gate access sytem allows you to sleep safe with peace of mind.

Totally hands free with no codes to remember or keys to lose. A reminder decal on the gate tells responder to hold siren on for swift entry.

* Operates on 12 to 24 Volts, AC or DC

* The SOS uses an omni-directional microphone with no alignment necessary

* Sealed weather proof enclosure, 3" x 6" x 2"

* Audio range sensitivity adjustable

* Momentary or 15 minute relay hold function

Mounting The SOS:

All gate operators use low voltage for their electronic controls. (AC or DC) and this can also be used as your SOS power source. If unfamiliar, use a long 4 conductor cable (24 gauge stranded) for testing, thereby allowing options for the best permanent mounting location. Some installers mount the SOS inside their larger gate control box, but just be sure the "Yelp" sound can reach it without distortions. CAUTION: If mounting the SOS onto metal, do not allow drilled metal pieces to collect onto the magnetic field that is present around the back side of the microphone.

Locate the SOS inside the fence!! In higher security installations, one may wish to place it high and out of reach, and/or at some farther distance away. Since the sensitivity and location of the SOS is variable, one can require a high volume of "Yelp" sound. This would thwart pernicious or "sneaky" attempts to open the gate.

While deciding on the best permanent mounting location for the SOS, remember that the omni directional microphone should be facing down. Mounting holes are located in the four corners inside box, drop screw inside of the indentures, but outside of the weather seal, screws provided.

If you must drill into the back of the SOS enclosure, do so through either of the two raised portions (left or right) of the mic sponge using the same size hole. Get a tight fit and seal out moisture. Moisture damage will negate warranty.

The SOS has a five-year warranty when installed according to the manufacturer's specifications.


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