SSAC TDU3000A Universal Timer

SSAC TDU3000A Universal Timer

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SSAC TDU3000A Universal Timer

The TDU and KSDU Series are encapsulated solid state delay on make timers that combine digital timing circuitry with universal voltage operation. The TDU offers DIP switch adjustment allowing accurate selection of the time delay over the full time delay range. The KSDU is factory fixed from 0.1 s to 10,230 s and does not include the DIP switch. These series are excellent choices for process control systems and OEM equipment.

* 2 Universal Voltage Ranges

* From 24-120VAC/DC

* Digital Integrated Circuitry

* Switch Selectable Delays

* From 0.1 s ... 2.8 h in 3

*Ranges or Factory Fixed

* +/-0.5% Repeat Accuracy

* 1 A Steady - 10 A Inrush

* Totally Solid State and Encapsulated


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