Miller Edge MLC-K72 Light Curtain

Miller Edge MLC-K72 Light Curtain

  • Manufacturer: Miller Edge
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The Miller Edge Monitored Light Curtain is made up of a series of thru-beam photo eyes designed to provide a dense barrier of protection while being monitored for presence and function by the door operator. When interrupted, a signal is sent to the door operator to reverse operation. Light curtains are ideal for environments that require expanded protection for protruding parts that may not be detected by a standard single-beam photo eye mounted 6 inches from the floor. This UL 325 compliant monitored device has the ability to span up to 32 feet wide and comes in 3-foot and 6-foot models.



· Two models:

· MLC-K36: 3 ft., 8 elements

· MLC-K72: 6 ft., 16 elements ·

32 ft. operating range

· Monitored entrapment device ideal for commercial door operators manufactured after August 2010

· Simplified wiring; no external interface box

· LED indicators for easy setup and diagnostics

· Thru-beam technology minimizes false reflective signals

· Universal mounting brackets included

· IP67 waterproof housing

· 2-year warranty


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