BEA 10MATRIXD110 Dual Channel Loop Detector

BEA 10MATRIXD110 Dual Channel Loop Detector

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BEA Matrix Dual Channel Loop Detector with Din Block

10MATRIXD110 = 110vac model
10MATRIXD1224 = 12-24 vac/dc Model

Matrix Loop Detector that allows customer to connect two independent inductive loops with separate relay outputs. Presence or Pulse outputs for Common, Normally Open, and Normally Closed for each loop.

With more standard features than any other loop detector on the market, the Matrix2-S has the flexibility, compatibility and performance to maximize
productivity and safety on your site.

Matrix2-S is a series of digital inductive, single loop detectors for vehicle access control and safety for doors, gates, and numerous other applications.

High performance features include :
PRESENCE time adjustability up to INFINITY
Selection of PRESENCE and PULSE outputs
AUTOMATIC SENSITIVITY BOOST increases the sensitivity upon detection, and allows for continuous detection of high-bed vehicles
Four frequency settings ensure NO CROSSTALK occurs between adjacent loops
The microprocessed Matrix adjusts to OUTSIDE TEMPERATURES - detection is not affected by long-term occupation of the loop.
The Matrix2-S is available in two models to accommodate nearly any application.
Available in single channel mode, and power supply configurations of 110 or 220 volts AC, or 12-24 volts AC/DC
The Matrix is compatible with any door control or application you may encounter
Unlike traditional DIP switches, the Matrix2-Ss continuous mode adjustments allow for precise settings to match your application
Settings such as sensitivity and presence are adjusted via potentiometer so wide ranges and precise adjustments are made easy

Matrix Components

Main connector (86CP11)

Power LED

Presence time potentiometer

DIP switches

Detection state LED

Sensitivity adjustment potentiometer


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