BEA BR3-X Multiple Applications Module

BEA BR3-X Multiple Applications Module

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BEA BR3-X Multiple Applications Module

The BR3-X contains logic for multiple applications including simple timing, door mounted sensor inhibiting and advanced relay sequencing allowing the technician to carry only one module.

* Multi-functionality offers increased value by combining legacy MC-Linx functionality in addition to new and more advanced functions for a variety of applications.

* Contains 3 relays; 2 large power relays and 1 small signal relay.

* Built-in surge suppression in all 3 relays eliminates the need for external components when installing electric locking devices.

* Provides the ability to select a ‘WET’ voltage output of up to 1 AMP on Relay 1 to power electric locking devices without the need for an external power supply.

* Advanced input power circuitry for better protection, including a resetable fuse.


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