BEA IS40 Overhead Dual Tech Sensor

BEA IS40 Overhead Dual Tech Sensor

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Best Programmed Using BEA Universal Remote

Overhead activation and presence sensor for industrial environments utilizing microwave and infrared detection technology. The proven technology of the Falcon, plus infrared presence detection of the IS40P.

The IS40 and IS40XL are compatible with most industrial doors.

Active infrared and microwave technologies provide precise presence and accurate motion detection.

The standard IS40 can be mounted from 8.0 ft to 16 ft

If the mounting height is from 6.5 ft to 11.5 ft, then the IS40XL should be used
If a wider pattern is desired, then the IS40XL should be used
Both are equipped with up to 40 spots of infrared presence detection

The IS40 and IS40XL are immune to subtle door vibrations, light, sun and environmental changes, including rain and snow.

The IS40 and IS40XL are designed with NEMA 4 and IP65 rated enclosures.

Labor-intensive induction loops are replaced with an easy to mount overhead installation.

Most adjustments can be performed using the BEA remote control.


Microwave Doppler Radar

Active Infrared

Detection Mode



LED signal

Green (Activation Relay)

Red (Presence Relay)

Frequency / Wavelength

24.150 GHz

875 nm

Transmitter Power Density

< 5 mW / cm2

< 250 mW/m2

Max. Detection Field

156 in × 198 in
156 in × 78 in

120 in × 120 in
90 in × 90 in

Output Hold Time

0.5 s – 9 s

0.5 s

Min. Detection Speed

2 in / s in sensor axis

0 in / s

Tilt Angle

−8º – 22º
(Relative to sensor face)

15º – 45º

Mains Frequency

50 – 60 Hz


Power Consumption

< 3.5 W


Relay Output
Max. Contact Voltage
Max. Contact Current
Max. Switching Power

2 relays (free of potential change-over contact)
42 VAC / VDC
1 A (resistive)
30 W (DC) / 48 VA (AC)


Installation Height

96 in – 192 in (8 ft – 16 ft)
78 in – 138 in (6.5 – 11.5 ft)


Temperature Range

−22 ºF – 140 ºF



3.75 in (W) × 4 in (H) × 5 in (D)



ABS & Polycarbonate


Cable Length

360 in (30 ft)


Degree of Protection

NEMA 4 / IP65


Norm Conformance

R&TTE: 1999/5/EC;
EMC 2004/108/EEC



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