BEA IXIO-DT1 Dual Tech Sensor - Presence & Activation

BEA IXIO-DT1 Dual Tech Sensor - Presence & Activation

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BEA IXIO-DT1 Dual Tech Sensor

The IXIO-DT1 combines microwave radar technology for the activation of the door with infrared technology for pedestrian safety. The unidirectional radar provides energy savings and an infrared curtain prevents the door from contacting pedestrians as they pass through the threshold.


Due to it's unidirectionality, the duration of the door hold open time can be shorter, resulting in energy savings. This optimizes vestibule applications.
LCD Display
Intuitive configuration via an LCD display showing text and graphics.
Infrared Curtains
Two curtains of 24 (48 total), high-density infrared spots protect pedestrians from any contact with the doors.
A 32-bit microprocessor optimizes the processing of environmental information, ensuring stable performance throughout the year.
Four visible red alignment spots are projected on the ground to assist in precise IR curtain adjustment.

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