BEA LZR-I30 Industrial Automation Laser Scanner

BEA LZR-I30 Industrial Automation Laser Scanner

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BEA LZR-I39 Time of flight laser sensor

BEA’s LZR®-I30 is a LASER-based Time-of-Flight sensor. This high precision technology ensures accurate object detection. The product configuration provides four LASER-based curtains offering a three dimensional safety zone.

The sensor is designed for the detection of people and vehicles, in both indoor and outdoor environments. Its detection accuracy makes this sensor ideal for high performance industrial doors, vehicle flow safety, perimeter protection and variety of applications.

The LZR-I30 is housed in an IP65 rated enclosure and can be installed in outdoor, industrial and other harsh environments. Three visible LED spots provide accurate reference points when adjusting the tilt angle. Parameter adjustments can be made with a BEA universal remote control..

Cat.2/PL "C" high performance safety solution certified by TU…NV for industrial doors

High level of safety with a three“dimensional, complete presence detection area in front of the door

Detects objects as small as 2"

Alternative solution to contact edges, light beams, light grids or any other safety solution

Option of creating up to 2 virtual push buttons

No possible sensor collision / tampering damage thanks to the overhead mounting position

Easy installation


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