BEA LZR-i39 Time of flight laser sensor

BEA LZR-i39 Time of flight laser sensor

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BEA LZR-i39 Time of flight laser sensor

The LZR®-i30 works according to the principle of time of flight. It sends a light impulse and measures the time until the signal returns. This accurate technology enables the sensor to scan four (4) planes in the front of the door, which helps to significantly reduce hazards in the door threshold and its proximity.

Cat.2/PL "C" high performance safety solution certified by TU…NV for industrial doors

High level of safety with a three“dimensional, complete presence detection area in front of the door

Detects objects as small as 2"

Alternative solution to contact edges, light beams, light grids or any other safety solution

Option of creating up to 2 virtual push buttons

No possible sensor collision / tampering damage thanks to the overhead mounting position

Easy installation


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