BEA MS08 Touchless Microwave Switch /w Single & Double Gang

BEA MS08 Touchless Microwave Switch /w Single & Double Gang

  • Manufacturer: BEA
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BEA MS08 Touchless Microwave Switch
Microwave Cell with Single & Double Gang Black Faceplate with "Wave to Open" Text & Artwork.

Contact-free switch that utilizes Doppler-effect microwave


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Utilizes Microwave Motion Technology
Adjustable from 4 in - 24 in
Can be configured for Pulse or Toggle use
Microwave Cell can be mounted behind sheetrock walls
Comes with both Single Gang and Double Gang faceplates

Excellent door activation for sterile environments such as hospitals, clean rooms and pharmaceutical facilities

Convenient and comfortable for disabled people

Water resistant foam gasket and sleek profile minimizes dust

Multiple Colors and styles for any application

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