BEA  Sparrow Microwave Motion Sensor

BEA Sparrow Microwave Motion Sensor

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BEA Sparrow Microwave Motion Sensor

Best Operated Using BEA Universal Remote

The Sparrow is designed to detect the movement of people and vehicles. Its
unidirectional detection setting allows the Sparrow to only detect movement approaching the sensor, optimizing door operation.

Its adjustable microwave antenna and 180° mounting provides flexibility in configuring the detection zone.


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Detects the movement of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic
The unidirectional approach detection setting can be utilized for only detecting movement towards the sensor
The bi-directional setting can detect motion in all directions
The Sparrow's unique unidirectional departure setting can be utilized to only detect movement away from the sensor
Adjustable detection zones up to a maximum of 20 ft — 33 ft
Flexible product mounting positions and adjustable antenna rotation

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