Reno A&E B4DP Det. 1 Ch 2-relay 10-35Vac/dc

Reno A&E B4DP Det. 1 Ch 2-relay 10-35Vac/dc

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Reno A&E B4DP

Det. 1 Ch 2-relay 10-35Vac/dc

The Reno A&E B-4-DP Single Channel Vehicle Loop Detector is a single-channel, dual-output vehicle detector that has models available with a wide range of different features designed specifically for a variety of different uses. It uses the same reliable vehicle detection that can be found in all of Reno A&E's products. All functions and settings are easily configured using a set of eight internal DIP switches and a front panel mounted push button switch.

  • Fail-Safe
  • No External DIP Switches
  • Constructed Of High Temperature Rated Plastic
  • Four Loop Frequencies Selectable From Front Panel
  • Internal DIP Switches Set To Relay B Presence Mode
  • Fail LED Indicates Current Loop Failure Or Loop Failures
  • Loop Fail Memory Stores A Record Of The Last Loop Failure
  • Eight Levels Of Sensitivity Selectable From PCB Mounted DIP Switches
  • Sensitivity Boost For Applications Where High-Bed Vehicles Might Be Encountered
  • Super Bright LED Indicators For Power, Detect, Loop Fail and Frequency Setting
  • Detect Memory Feature Maintains Detection During Momentary Power Interruptions Of Up To Two Seconds
  • Pulse-on-Exit
  • Pulse-on-Entry
  • 11 Pin Amphenol Style Male Connector
  • 12 VDC, 24 VDC, or 24 VAC Input Power
  • Delay Outputs A & B For Two Seconds
  • Operating Temperature: -30ºF ~ 180ºF
  • Dimensions: 3" (H) X 1.75" (W) X 4.3" (D) (Excluding Connector)
  • Delay Relay Outputs: Output A - Limited Presence, True Presence TM, Output B: Presence (Duplicates Output A)
  • Printed Circuit Boards Made From 0.062" Thick FR4 Material With 2 oz. Copper On Both Sides and Plated Through Holes With Polyurethane Coating

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