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Reno A&E H1 Series Loop Detector

The Model H1 is a direct replacement for the Model H. Although the Model H1 has enhanced features, it is plug-in compatible with existing Model H installations. H1 detectors are full featured and in a compact package.

* Single channel

* Three solid-state outputs

* Low Power version available (current draw 4 milliamps)

* May be used with HM1 series motherboard

* 3 solid-state (FET) outputs:

o Presence (Output A)

o Presence, pulse-on-entry or pulse-on-exit (Output B)

o Fail output

* Output A selectable for Fail-Safe or Fail-Secure operation

* Delay Outputs A & B for 0, 2, 5, or 10 seconds

* Extend Outputs A & B (when in presence) for 0, 2, 5, or 10 seconds

* Eight levels of sensitivity selectable using rotary switch

* Sensitivity Boost for gate operation where high-bed vehicles might be encountered

* Detect Memory feature maintains detection during momentary power interruptions for up to two seconds

* Fail LED indicates current loop failures or loop failures that have occurred

* Four loop frequencies selectable using DIP switches

* Super bright LED indicators for loop fail and detect/delay

* 10-pin female or 10-pin mail Molex connector

* 2.50" High x 2.75" Wide x .85" Deep

Model Number Information:

Model H1-

= : 12 VDC input power
: Low Power

= : Male Connector
: Female Connector
: Euro Connector


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