Reno A&E PLH-R 26' Perimeter Preformed Loop 4' x 9' - 40' Lead

Reno A&E PLH-R 26' Perimeter Preformed Loop 4' x 9' - 40' Lead

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Reno A&E PLH-R 26' Perimeter Preformed Loop

The Model PLH-R Preformed Loop is a prefabricated loop / lead-in assembly designed for use in direct burial applications.

Each component of the PLH (loop cable, lead-in cable, and splice enclosure) is designed to maximize durability, minimize water penetration, and maintain a flexible form that is easy to install and handle.

* Designed for direct burial in dirt or gravel roadways

* High visibility (red) outer jacket is formulated from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) for superior abrasion resistance

* Flexible cable for easy installation

* Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) wire insulation and cable jackets

* Includes corner brackets for forming rectangles

* Configurable to suit any geometry

o Rectangle

o Round

o Quadrupole TM

* Soldered, sealed, & tested splice connections

* Cables are filled with water block gel to prevent water penetration

* Splice enclosure is constructed of high impact glass impregnated plastic

Ordering Information:


= Loop Perimeter (feet)

= Lead-In Cable Length (feet)

= : Conventional Loop
: Lead-in Cable perpendicular to loop


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