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Reno A&E AX2 Series Loop Detector

The Model AX2 / AX2DL is a two channel vehicle detector with one relay output per channel.

* Six external DIP switches per channel
* Directional Logic option
* Two detectors in a single box


* Single Relay output per channel:
o True Presence TM
o Pulse-on-Entry
* Four levels of sensitivity selectable from the front panel
* Sensitivity Boost for applications where high-bed vehicles might be encountered
* Power Down Memory: enables the detector to automatically track the status of the loop during power interruptions of any duration
* Fail LED indicates current loop failures or loop failures that have occurred
* Four loop frequencies selectable from the front panel
* Channel scanning
* Super bright LED indicators for power, detect/loop fail
* Single 11-pin connector or Dual 11-pin connector models available
* Directional Logic on AX2DL versions
* 3.00" High x 1.75" Wide x 4.30" Deep

Model Number information:

Model AX2-y-wC (xx) or AX2DL-y-wC-z (xx)

y = 3: 120 VAC Input Power 4: 10-35 V AC/DC Input Power 8: 240 VAC Input Power

w = 1: Single Connector 2: Dual Connectors

xx = NC: Normally Closed Relay Contacts* NO: Normally Open Relay Contacts*

* 2C (Dual Connector) models do not use the (NO) Normally Open or (NC) Normally Closed contact designation. Both contacts are accessible for each channel.

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